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Do you need a small business consultant? The short answer is that if you want your business to enjoy sustainable success, a business consultant is likely to be an invaluable asset. Small business consulting involves doing what it takes to get your operation running as effectively and profitably as it can. Whether this means taking on a specific project, assisting in a restructuring, presenting information on suitable finance options for corporate borrowing, or providing your management team with the pointers needed to achieve a better life/work balance, a business advisor can provide the resources needed to transform the way you operate. Pherrus are a company of accountants, bookkeepers, agents and business consultants Sydney organisations can turn to when they want high-grade, skilled consultancy services from a team of professional experts. We offer each of our clients a multi-disciplinary pool of expertise, giving them the strategy needed to solve whatever business issues they’re struggling with. With years of experience in assisting businesses from a range of sectors, Pherrus offers business advice Sydney clients of all shapes and sizes finds useful. Why not get in touch and take advantage of our FREE accounting health check?

What type of issues can a business consultant help with?

In general terms, small business consulting services include assistance with anything that’s needed to improve operational success. The type of issues that business consultants commonly assist with include:

Brand Development

Brand clarity and audience identification are two matters that are crucial for business success. Unfortunately, they may not be a priority for hard-pressed fledgling business owners. A consultant can get your marketing content on the right track, as well as suggest low-cost methods to keep your brand visible and on track.

Project Management

If you’ve got ideas for new products, are rolling out a new technology or are considering expanding significantly, finding the time to implement an additional project as well as manage your core business is a challenge. A Pherrus business consultant could move your side project operations forward, freeing you up to concentrate on other things.

Development of policies, strategies, objectives or other written materials

To be compliant with the law, most businesses will need to have a variety of policies and guidelines in place. Pherrus can advise on suitable policies covering everything from staff grievances to parking restrictions!

Troubleshooting supply issues

One of the major advantages of working with Pherrus is that you’re dealing with an organisation that has a multi-disciplinary team, each member of which has a unique background. This ensures that we have experience of a range of sectors, enabling us to provide business consulting Sydney businesses know will understand the latest sector-specific challenges and issues.
Managing change effectively can be difficult, particularly when it comes to matters that may affect individual jobs. Often, restructuring is best completed by an external consultant. Not only do they have the capacity to look at the situation objectively, an externally facilitated restructure is unbiased and based on business need, rather than the personalities involved.

Assisting with restructuring

Developing job descriptions and specifications; assisting with interviewing

Particularly if your business is employing staff for the first time, it’s important to search for the best recruitment process. The skilled business consultants at Pherrus are able to advise or complete every part of the recruitment process, helping you get the people you need to grow.

Team building and development: improving motivation; identifying training needs, and dealing effectively with specific staffing issues

There are all sorts of reasons why your team just aren’t coming up with the results you need to deliver on your core objectives. If you’re concerned that there are problems connected with motivation, productivity, punctuality or similar matters, one of our business advisors could be just what’s needed.

Improving sales

The goal of almost every company is to increase turnover: and the best way to do this is usually to improve not only the number of sales but also the value of the sales and customer loyalty. Whilst many business owners are aware of the need for the former, all too often each sale isn’t as big as it could be, and retention is low. Why not use a business advisor Sydney enterprises can trust to deliver measurable improvements in your bottom line? Ask us for a FREE accounting health check now to quickly see where you could achieve some quick wins when it comes to turning your sales figures around.

Cost-cutting; designing sustainable financial strategies; providing options for responsible borrowing; advising on corporate structure

With a strong financial background, one of the features of Pherrus that sets it apart from the rest is the emphasis placed on long-term wealth creation and financial security. Smaller businesses frequently concentrate on the short-term, ignoring the changes that are needed now in order to set the company up for on-going success. As small business consultants Sydney organisations rely on to make a difference, we will always go the extra mile to develop the business strategy our clients need to optimise their chances of on-going and future wealth.

Building capacity within an organisation with respect to robust, compliant systems, such as financial systems; HR systems; health & safety protocols.

Systems that may have worked well when your organisation was just starting out, may not be suitable now that some growth has occurred. Why not use a business consultant Sydney enterprises can rely on to redesign existing, out-dated systems, or to create fresh, high-grade options that set your organisation up for success? With an excellent knowledge of current guidelines and regulations for corporate record keeping and governance, Pherrus is ideally placed to advise any business on systems and processes.

Consideration of data protection and online security matters

The rise of the digital age has also prompted the rise of the digital hacker! Contemporary firms have a legal responsibility to keep online data secure. Pherrus can advise on the type of software and protocols that can be used to minimise the risk of your data (or that of your clients, partners and/or suppliers) falling into unauthorised hands.

What added value does Pherrus business consultancy bring?

The rise of the digital age has also prompted the rise of the digital hacker! Contemporary firms have a legal responsibility to keep online data secure. Pherrus can advise on the type of software and protocols that can be used to minimise the risk of your data (or that of your clients, partners and/or suppliers) falling into unauthorised hands.
We provide advice and recommendations that are based on the specific needs of your organisation. Pherrus aims to offer optimal value, targeting the activities that are most likely to make the biggest impact on your profit margin.
Pherrus has business consultants Sydney businesses come to when they want the highest quality service. We also have teams of accountants, bookkeepers, and agents. This enables us to offer a one-stop, holistic solution to a wide range of business matters. Rather than needing to contract with a number of agencies to deliver the business consultancy services your company needs, why not trust Pherrus’s team of seasoned professionals to provide a complete answer to your requirements?
Our goal isn’t just to give businesses the support they need to thrive in the short-term, but also to put in place the strategies, systems and processes required to create the conditions needed for sustainable growth.
Our workforce includes professionals from a wide range of industries. This gives us significant knowledge of how different sectors operate, as well as the constraints and opportunities that are unique to your particular sector. Whether you operate in the hospitality sector, are involved in agriculture or have a service business, our industry experts are here to help you learn.
When you use us for your business consultancy, you’ll receive objective advice that’s based on sound business principles and a keen knowledge of current markets and economic variables.

We offer each client the opportunity to receive a FREE accountancy health check. This is a complimentary service that we offer our clients, giving them the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what’s working well, and what needs additional work to perform optimally.

Pherrus specialises in start-up and fledgling businesses, providing cost-effective, targeted business consultancy support that’s designed to make a measurable difference, often in just a few weeks or months. Experts in all aspects of business finance, Pherrus also has expertise in other aspects of business operation and strategic development.

No matter what you want to achieve, Pherrus has the skills and knowledge-base to help you get there.

Contact us to book your FREE accountancy health check, or to find out more about what we can offer.

Business development services are a range of non-financial services designed to help your business grow and improve. These can include identifying growth opportunities, such as new markets, partnerships, or products, and creating strategic plans to seize these opportunities.

Business development services often include client relationship management and managerial training and mentoring. They can also improve existing processes or operations to enhance efficiency and productivity.

By engaging these services, your business can gain valuable insights and strategies to stay competitive and achieve long-term success.

Hiring a business development consultant can benefit your business in various ways.

They bring a fresh perspective and expert knowledge to help identify new opportunities and strategies for growth. They can fine-tune your business model, assist in market research, and develop effective marketing and sales strategies.

If your business is facing challenges, a consultant will provide innovative solutions and help navigate change. They can also offer valuable training to enhance your team’s skills.

It’s important to choose a consultant who understands your industry and shares your vision for your business while also suiting your budget.

The main purpose of business development is to identify and create opportunities that contribute to the sustainable growth of your business. This can include finding new markets, forming strategic partnerships, improving products or services, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Business development also aims to foster relationships with partners, clients, and stakeholders for long-term success.

Essentially, business development is about making strategic decisions and taking action to improve and expand your business in a way that aligns with your company’s goals and vision.

1. Market research: Conduct thorough research to understand market trends, customer needs, and potential opportunities.

2. Opportunity identification: Analyse the market research findings to identify growth opportunities, such as new markets, emerging trends, or untapped customer segments.

3. Strategic planning: Develop a strategic plan that outlines your business objectives, goals, and strategies for pursuing the identified opportunities.

4. Relationship building: Build and nurture relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, and industry influencers, to create mutually beneficial connections.

5. Sales and marketing: Implement effective sales and marketing strategies to promote your products or services, attract customers, and generate leads.

6. Regular evaluation: Assess and adjust your business strategies, monitor market changes, and seek feedback to continuously improve and adapt to the evolving business landscape.

The cost of talking to a business consultant varies based on their expertise, experience, and the scope of your project or needs.

Hourly rates for business consultants can range from $50 to $300 or more. Some consultants may offer fixed-price packages or project-based pricing. Shorter consultations or advisory sessions may be cheaper, while more extensive engagements are more expensive.

While weighing the cost of working with a business consultant, consider the value and expertise they will bring to your business.

Small businesses can benefit from various consulting services to overcome challenges, achieve growth, and succeed in a competitive market.
    Such services include
  • Business planning: Assistance in developing a strategic business plan to define objectives, strategies, and action steps.
  • Financial management: Guidance on financial planning, budgeting, cash flow management, and financial analysis.
  • Marketing and sales: Support in creating effective marketing strategies, branding, market research, and sales techniques.
  • Operations improvement: Consulting to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and optimise business processes.
  • Technology integration: Assistance with adopting and leveraging technology solutions to improve efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Human Resources: Consulting on HR policies, recruitment, employee training, and performance management.
  • Legal and compliance: Guidance on legal and regulatory requirements for compliance and risk management.

Look for consultants with expertise in your industry or specific area of need. Their experience and knowledge will be valuable in addressing your business’s challenges. Then check their track record and client testimonials to assess their credibility and success.

Effective communication is crucial, so choose a consultant with good communication skills who listens and understands your business goals.

Compatibility is also key- you want a consultant who aligns with your values, understands your vision, and can work well with your team. You should be able to evaluate these qualities from an initial consultation.

Also, consider the consultant’s fees and transparency in pricing and their availability and commitment to your project.

Consider hiring a consultant when you face complex challenges that require specialised expertise beyond your team’s capabilities.

A consultant can bring fresh perspectives and strategies if you need more growth or help to identify new opportunities. They can also provide guidance when you need to streamline operations, improve efficiency, or implement changes.

If you need more specific skills or knowledge in areas like marketing, finance, or technology, a consultant can offer valuable insights.

Ultimately, hiring a business consultant is beneficial when their expertise can help overcome obstacles and drive your business forward.

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