When it comes to your tax planning, it’s vital to have the services of industry professionals at your disposal. Almost inevitably, each industry has its own set of challenges, threats and opportunities. When you turn to us for tax assistance, you can expect to receive a tailored service from a range of experts with knowledge of your sector. Our team of legal professionals, accountants, agents and consultants with a background in your industry work together, offering a seamless solution to all your tax needs.

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    We are able to provide a full suite of tax services: as well as assistance with completing tax returns accurately and in line with ATO requirements, we also offer the following: help with ATO audits and similar compliance procedures; advice and help with accessing specific packages of support or concessions; assistance with capital gains tax and how it affects your business. No matter what the nature of your business may be, we can provide appropriate financial assistance and support.

    Helping you meet your long-term goals

    We believe that the right assistance with financial matters is one of the building blocks for a successful business. Pherrus aims to work with every client to enable them to meet their long-term financial goals. As finance professionals that have skills specific to a selection of different industries, we are able to advise with authority on a variety of operational and strategic decisions. Our multi-disciplinary team can provide advice on the financial and legal implications of activities such as:

    • changing corporate structure (for example forming a partnership or merging with another organisation).
    • acquiring or disposing of a major asset (our team can advise on the most tax efficient time to carry out the transaction, as well as ensure that your tax advantage is optimised at every stage of the sale or purchase process).
    • depreciation as it relates to capital assets (including property).
    Tax Compliance
    • minimising capital gains tax (CGT). Of all the various tax regimes currently operating, CGT has possibly the largest potential to push your tax bill upwards. We can advise on the CGT implications of proposed plans, helping you to keep your tax contribution as low as possible.
    • the tax implications of international sales/operation. A significant number of businesses may decide to expand their market internationally. We can advise on what to consider from a tax perspective.
    • employment tax implications, including tax considerations for specific employment situations (for example employing overseas workers, redundancy costs and deductible expenses relating to staff).
    • helping your business take advantage of fresh initiatives from ATO and/or the government. For example, the economic stimulus measures set out by government in the wake of the global pandemic mean that many businesses and individuals could enjoy some welcome tax savings. We can work with you to identify how your business might benefit, as well as ensure that the relevant paperwork is completed correctly and submitted on time.
    • where applicable, we can also advise on tax implications relating to land acquisition, changes of use, development considerations and other land-based matters.
    Tax Compliance

    We have a professional that understands your sector

    As an established firm with a commitment to providing long-term solutions for a variety of different businesses, we employ lawyers and accountants with a range of backgrounds. This breadth of expertise enables us to offer customised answers that are formulated by professionals who understand the nature of your business. Whether it’s working out the tax implications of a speculative mining operation, or giving you the information you need to decide if a restaurant refit is likely to give your profits a healthy boost, we have the expertise to meet your needs. What sets us apart from the rest is that we have a thorough understanding of how businesses operate, not just their financial reporting requirements. When you use us, you’ll be working with professionals who are committed to providing the correct advice to move your business onwards and upwards, no matter what path you’ve decided on.

    Financial data for informed decision making for the life of your business

    Pherrus is a company that places priority on forming positive, long-term relationships with all our clients. Our goal is to provide the information your business needs to enhance tax efficiency throughout its lifetime. From initial work with start-ups and seedling businesses to help them get off to a good start, right through to tax advice when it comes to winding a business down prior to retirement or getting it ready for sale, we provide advice that’s geared to where your enterprise is at.

    Our commitment to ensuring you have top-quality financial data ensures that when you use us, you’ll have the information you need to make high-calibre decisions. If your business is lacking the processes and systems needed to collate and harvest helpful data, we can help you put suitable protocols in place.

    Here for you at every stage of your business, no matter what its nature might be, we offer a complete accountancy and financial management solution that incorporates everything from bookkeeping to wealth planning and tax efficiency in investment. Get in touch to find out how you could reduce your tax obligation now.

    Tax Compliance

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