With the NRL season officially over, fans have shifted their attention toward the international game – the Rugby League World Cup Nines tournament – set to be held this Friday night, October 18, at Parramatta’s Bankwest Stadium.

This year, among the 12 national teams will be Fiji, who will certainly level the playing field – representing a nation that is relatively unknown but still packs a major punch in terms of sheer rugby skill and speed. In fact, no other nation better encapsulates these two attributes among the 2019 World Cup Nines squads, to be honest. There’s a very good chance that Fiji can progress forward, that is, if they can trump Tonga this weekend.

The benefits of the game will undeniably be widespread – an innovative and exciting tournament to quench the fan’s thirst and obsession with rugby as well as bring the international Rugby League more into the spotlight.

However, something that’s overlooked and often not talked about are the charity benefits of international rugby.

World 9’s Major Sponsor: Pherrus Foundation

For quite some time now, Pherrus Financial Services has involved itself heavily with charitable drives in Fiji, supporting the needs of the natives through the Pherrus Foundation, as well as the aspirations of the Fiji NRL World 9s team, being one of their major sponsors.

How was this partnership forged? At Pherrus Financial Services, we are certainly big fans of the sport – however, more specifically, at Pherrus Foundation, we truly understand the importance and significance of giving back to communities and supporting them in their hour of need. Our team of dedicated volunteers and charity workers have been providing support to Fijian children and their needs for over two years.

In 2017, one of our charitable teams in Fiji was able to bring Santa Claus to one of the children’s homes, along with a bus full of presents and plenty of food to go around. All this could not have been possible without your continued support and donations.

Our team was also able to wrap 18 large moving boxes full of food and gifts, and provide them to children admitted at St. Mina’s Childrens Home. The look of glee and excitement on the children’s faces is something that humbles us and brings us oodles of joy to this day.

Since we love investing in local communicates, the same year, our Sydney staff approached two more children’s hospitals to better understand how we might support them. We were able to put worried and stressed parents at ease by providing parent recliner beds, so that parents could stay with their loved ones as long as they wanted, while having a comfortable place to rest.

Our Ethos at Pherrus Foundation

We strongly believe that when businesses start donating to charities, they not only contribute and boost the communities they reside in, but also contribute to the nation’s economic health. And this is a two way street, because when you give, you get: in turn, this creates a much improved atmosphere that is conductive to business.

For majority of Australian businesses, donating to charity is a win-win – because when a business invests in its community, it creates a sense of ownership in that community – which does its best to support that business’s goals and outlook.

At Pherrus Foundation, we are staunch believers in the fact that each business, irrespective of its size, owes it to itself to provide assistance, support and smiles to the needful members of their respective communities.

This core philosophy is what Pherrus Foundation was created on – which aims to help the less fortunate and underprivileged, not just in our own native communities but across the globe as well. We are striving hard to provide the necessary economic and physical support to underprivileged children in developing countries, including Fiji. To date, we have provided them with financial support on multiple occasions, while also traveling personally to locales in Fiji – to better understand the needs and requirements of children there.

As part of our latest initiative and an extension of our supportive and charitable work, we are now also focusing on supporting the Fijian team, by being a major sponsor for them in the 2019 World 9s tournament.

Just to let you know how dedicated we are to seeing the people of Fiji develop as a community and as a nation, we had sent our Pherrus staff this past Easter to pay a visit to the Dilkusha Home in Fiji – an orphanage which houses about 50 children and a few young adults.

Even though financial donations definitely count for something when it comes to helping the needy and less fortunate – we felt that at a time like Easter, we should make the children feel overwhelmed with love and excitement – how every young person deserves to feel at Easter.

In fact, three of our business accountants accompanied the three-strong administrative staff in a trek to Suva, with the objective of spreading love and compassion with the underlying theme: “giving is a lot more than just donating money – it’s about making a difference in someone’s life”.

Armed with chocolates and bright, cheerful giveaway t-shirts, our volunteers arrived a day ahead of Good Friday, on a mission to lift the children’s spirits. Their reaction to our arrival is something we still reflect upon and joyously remember to this day. Perhaps the highlight of the day was one teenager girl shouting “The Pherrus guys are here!” which signaled to the others that the real attraction everybody had been eagerly awaiting was finally there: the Easter bunny in the flesh.

Kids swarmed up to our ‘Easter bunny guy’ and excitedly clung on to him, which remained pretty much unchanged throughout the visit. Luckily, he loves kids!

We also took care of little mix-up from our last Christmas visit and provided the children with a gentle but persistent reminder that they are no less important than any other kid, and that dreams, aspirations and happiness also mattered. One cute little girl had not been given the pink dress she had so badly wanted from Santa. Fortunately, our “designated” Easter bunny coordinated with St. Nick to have the dress delivered – much to her astonishment and uncontainable joy. Some of the volunteers described the occasion as:

A teary-eyed moment that was fraught with joy and emotion as the children hugged us tightly when seeing the variety of chocolates we had on us. As we were getting ready to leave, the Deaconess thanked us for making a positive change in the children’s lives and leaving a big smile on their cute and innocent little faces.

The Fijian World 9s Rugby Team Needs Your Support

We believe that we can do the same for the Fijian NRL World 9s rugby team this year. There’s a lot of untapped talent in there, and many of the players are already performing at a world-class level. However, with our added support as a major sponsor, we believe the team has a chance of winning – something that would do wonders for the locals of Fiji – not to mention how it would positively contribute to the nation’s economy.

Our charity work and experience working with Fijian communicates serves us with a powerful daily reminder: that more than 250,000 people on the island are living in impoverished conditions. And under these circumstances, we will continue to support the Fijian people – not only bringing joy to children’s lives and reminding them that they are not forgotten or abandoned, but also providing the right level of support to the Fijian World 9s team – that’s made up of men who have worked hard and willing to do what it takes to “get the job done”.


Who we are at Pherrus

At Pherrus Financial Services, when you succeed, we succeed. Our esteemed team is made up of some of the top accountants, business accountants and tax agents in Sydney. The multidisciplinary knowhow of our team ensures that you are always in the loop when it comes to staying on top of all economic, legal and financial implications on your business.

Our tax planning strategies will keep your company’s financial health sound and keep you on the road to sustained financial growth.

We are a leading online tax consultancy service in Sydney today – with our team of business accountants and tax agents right by your side, to help you achieve your business’s financial goals. Contact us now to learn more about how our tax strategies and wealth planning can help your business progress forward.

If you’d like to get involved with the Pherrus Foundation and donate to the building a better Fiji, and a better local community here in Australia, please get in touch.

To conclude – our official Pherrus Financial Services spokesperson, Kelepi Korodrau, is absolutely stoked about representing the Fijian NRL World 9s rugby team as a major sponsor.

“We believe we are a best-in-class business accounting service, backing up the Fiji players who are the best at what they do – a completely natural partnership that will surely provide new hope and lay the groundwork for growth and prosperity in Fiji.”


The Insights published on our website have been written by our professional staff strictly for educational purposes. Please note that the information and views expressed above do not constitute professional advice and are general in nature only.

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