At Pherrus, we firmly believe that every business regardless of size should dedicate resources in order to provide assistance and bring cheer to the needy. If we as organisations band together to accomplish this, the potential for great and positive change is enormous.

With this in mind, we have created the Pherrus Foundation which aims to help the less fortunate both in our own communities and abroad. Pherrus Foundation is providing assistance to both economically and physically challenged children in developing countries. We have reached out both financially and by travelling to meet the youth in locales such as the Suva Orphanages in Fiji and the Ceylon School for the Deaf & Blind in Sri Lanka.

Our Easter Visit to the Dilkusha Home Orphanage

This past Easter, Pherrus staff visited the Dilkusha Home in Fiji. Housing up to 50 children and a few young adults, the Methodist Church run orphanage counts a staff of just 11 including the Superintendent, Deaconess Olovia Nataniela. While financial donations are of great help to the Home, at a time such as Easter we realised it was also important for the children to simply feel the love and excitement any young person should at such a joyous time of the year. To this end, 3 accountants and 3 administrative staff made the trek to Suva, Fiji on a mission of good cheer and compassion with the theme “giving is not by making a donation, it is about making a difference” in our minds.

With t-shirts and chocolates in hand, the Foundation volunteers arrived the day before Good Friday, seeking to raise the children’s spirits. Already looking forward to an Easter service and hot-cross buns provided by the home, the children’s reaction to our arrival was something we are unlikely to ever forget. While they were indeed excited to recognise some of our party, with one teenage girl shouting “they’re from Pherrus!” there was no question who the real attraction was – the Easter bunny himself. After the kids rushed to help him from the van, the hapless Mr. Bunny found himself swarmed for the remainder of the visit. Thank goodness he loves kids!

We were even able to correct a mix up from our last Christmas visit and provide the children with a reminder that they are no less important than any other kids. One little girl had not received the pink dress she requested of Santa. Luckily, the Easter Bunny was able to coordinate with St.Nick and deliver the dress, much to her amazement. The occasion may best be described by some of the volunteers:

It was a teary yet joyful moments for most of us as the children hugged us [on seeing] the variety chocolates. As we were wrapping up to leave, the Deaconess once again thanked us for remembering the children as it makes a difference in their lives.

Paulini –

My visit has helped me realize that every small bit we do for the less fortunate makes a difference to their lives, and it has also infused my life with more meaning.

Priya –

We spent more than an hour with the children, giving out their gifts including Easter chocolates. The atmosphere at the home was totally different from other days of visits, said the Matron in charge. The children spent their time with Bunny and posed for many pictures. Before we left, we took a group shot with the children, and the entire group all yelled out “HAPPY EASTER!” It was a perfect Easter visit indeed.

Sera –

This experience was all the more meaningful when taking into consideration over 250 000 people on the island live in poverty. With such conditions, we certainly plan to continue doing our part to bring joy into these children’s lives and remind them that they are not alone in this world.

If you would like to find out how you can help, you can reach out to the Dilkusha Home or contact us to discuss ways to work with the Pherrrus Foundation.

The Insights published on our website have been written by our professional staff strictly for educational purposes. Please note that the information and views expressed above do not constitute professional advice and are general in nature only.

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