BAS Scam Emails Affect ATO Customers

We have recently been hearing more about a new Scam Alert with callers imitating the Australian Tax Office in an unprecedented way.

The Scam goes something like this;  You receive a phone call from “02 6216 1111” number – What does this mean? It means that is the ATO calling you, as that is the ATO’s number.

If you call the number back, it will dial the Real ATO.  And they will notify you that an attempted SCAM Call has been made to you.

Other Scam Numbers being used:
– 02 6216 1126
– 02 6216 1111
– 02 6216 1191

PLEASE NOTE: No outbound calls are ever dialed from the number referred to above by the ATO. If you see this number do not disclose any information and ask the caller to put their request in writing. Do not give them any information.

While these scam calls may appear to be from the ATO with a spoofed caller ID, it is important to remember that a legitimate caller from the ATO will never:

  • threaten you with arrest
  • demand immediate payment, particularly through unusual means such as bitcoin, pre-paid credit cards or gift cards
  • refuse to allow you to speak with a trusted advisor or your regular tax agent
  • or present a phone number on caller ID

If you have any questions contact the Pherrus Financial Services Office and we will be able to assist you.


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