Major Sponsor of Fiji Bati Rugby League Team - Pherrus

Sydney-based accountancy firm Pherrus Financial Services has come forward as a major sponsor of the Fiji Bati Rugby League team, as they prepare for the lead-up games to the Rugby League World Cup.

The team, which has been participating in international rugby league tournaments since 1992, played in the recent Pacific Test in Australia.

This Test was a preliminary round before the Rugby League World Cup, which will be held in Newcastle, Manchester throughout October and November this year.


Learning About the Fiji Bati Team

As a major sponsor of the Fiji Bati Rugby League team, Pherrus Financial Services staff had the unique opportunity to meet the players after their arrival in Sydney and to learn more about their journey and their feelings as they headed into the Test match with Papua New Guinea.

The company spokesperson for Pherrus Financial Services described the positive feelings of the staff following this meeting.

Proud Moment for the Pherrus Team

“We are absolutely thrilled to be part of the Fiji Bati journey to the Rugby League World Cup and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the players prior to playing the Pacific Test match,” they said.

This was surely a momentous occasion for the Sydney-based firm, which is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced and qualified tax accountants, agents, tax lawyers and industry-specific accountants.

When clients approach Pherrus Financial Services for financial advice and assistance, they are given the opportunity to express their circumstances, needs and financial plans or goals before they are matched with specific professionals best suited to deliver positive and desired outcomes.

This approach ensures Pherrus Financial Services is able to provide tailored, individualised, and honest advice to each of their clients, with the understanding that what works for some individuals or businesses might not work for others. Team members seek to provide clients with all the information needed to make the tax and financial decisions best suited for them.

Their multi-disciplinary team approach also means there will be a reduced need for clients to go elsewhere for financial services, thus keeping their financial support team centralised and helping them save money in the long run.

Pherrus Financial Services experts work with their clients to formulate financial plans and strategies which are regularly reviewed and evaluated, and even altered if there are developments or changes in a client’s personal or business financial circumstances.

The team at Pherrus Financial Services is committed to helping their clients resolve immediate concerns, develop long-term strategies, and ensure the best financial outcomes for individuals, families and businesses.

To contact Pherrus Financial Services, call +61 (02) 9099 9109.

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