Do you constantly wake up with itchy eyes, a runny nose, rashes on your skin, breathing problems, or various other symptoms that you can’t explain? In this day and age, the cause of this is likely to be simple allergies. Over 7.8 million children are currently living with respiratory allergies, and this number is ever increasing. While medicine might provide a temporary solution, having your mattress effectively and professionally cleaned is the smart option; if you choose the right company.

Whilst your bed might seem like a healthy and clean place to sleep, if you had the tools to look a bit closer you would see a different story – especially if you’ve had your mattress for more than 6 months.

Dust mites (and their faeces), dead skin cells, and bacteria are just some of the problems affecting your bedding. While technology is constantly advancing , the number of people suffering from allergies continues to rise at an alarming rate. The Mattress Doctor, in conjunction with Icon Hospital Solutions, has developed a cutting-edge method of cleaning mattresses from the inside out.

You might be worried about what methods are used to achieve this, and whether any harsh chemicals are involved. There’s no need to be concerned, though, because the process is complete safe, and uses innovative Natural Ozone Sterilisation. First, the mattress is filled with activated Ozone, ultraviolet light, and an electrical discharge (this takes just 10 minutes). This effectively removes the harmful bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. Once this is done, the Ozone is removed, and your mattress is as good as new!

This state-of-the-art system is the first of its kind in the world. It’s even used in air conditioners in hospitals; to remove legionella bacteria, as well as assorted other bacteria and fungi. Now, though, this innovative method is available for both commercial and residential use; meaning whether you’re providing the best for your guests in the hotel industry, or you’re just cleaning your own mattress, you’ve got a convenient and effective solution. It’s also kind to your wallet – why keep spending money on costly medical treatments, when the occasional quick clean of your mattress will give superior results?

The CEO of Mattress Doctor & Pherrus Financial, Kris Prasad has plans to franchise Mattress Doctor at the end of March. With a great concept that’s relevant to a majority of people, this is a company that’s sure to keep growing. We feel that the financially savvy individuals and companies who use Pherrus for their tax needs would no doubt appreciate this opportunity. If you’d like to get on board with this great idea, then make sure to keep an eye out for developments in the near future.

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