As Sydney’s leading business tax advisors, financial agents and advisors, we helped Katrina, a spiritual intuitive and a healer, to establish her own successful business in July this year. We were able to advise Katrina on becoming a sole trader, registering her initial business name and provide all the relevant tax strategies and ATO audit guidance that she needs.

About Katrina

Katrina came from a background in Corporate Leadership and had a proven ability to influence and implement change management, to motivate and empower teams, and enhance productivity.

Katrina has a wealth of experience in healing circles as well as working with distant healing and has studied various healing modalities. She completed her Reiki Masters in 2006, Pranic Healer Masters in 2009, and Color Therapies in 2010. Working with the energies of truth, light, and love, Katrina has the intuitive gift of knowing and seeing, enabling her to assist those who connect with her to find their own way in life.

Having fluctuated between the corporate and spirit world for some time, Katrina decided the time was right to assist the collective full-time. Her aim was to offer services that would enable those embroiled in the corporate world to reconnect with self and nature, to step into their own light and power, to heal and to move forward with positive spiritual guidance. Now was the time to establish her Sydney-based business, Katrina The Lightworker.

Help and Advice From Pherrus

Katrina has been a client of Pherrus since 2014 and always completes her individual returns every year, on time, every time. But becoming a sole trader comes with a whole new set of challenges. We were on hand every step of the way to advise Katrina and provide the best possible financial solutions for her business. Our tax consultants come from varied backgrounds and have a myriad of experience on which to draw. We can offer business owners like Katrina a well-rounded perspective on the economic, legal and financial factors that are likely to influence them and anticipate relevant changes in their industry.

Among other things, we were able to help Katrina with business taxation compliance, tax strategies and planning, asset protection and business structure, and business analysis and development.

Katrina The Lightworker

Katrina The Lightworker has gone from strength to strength. Apart from one-on-one healing sessions, Katrina now offers her clients a chance to reconnect with the self and nature via horse riding. In a serene location only 45 minutes from Sydney, riders receive help from Katrina in clearing their mind through meditation. The experience is suitable for all manner of people, and Katrina works with corporates on team-building exercises and children who suffer from anxiety and autism.

The expert tax advisors at Pherrus help businesses at tax time, throughout the year and at all stages of their business’s lifecycle. We help you to minimise tax, maximise profit and provide the best possible financial solutions. To find out more about how the Pherrus team can help your business, contact us here.

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