The accountant Sydney team here at Pherrus Financial Servicesis always looking out for our clients, and when it comes to your finances we keep a close eye on any events that may be a potential worry to you. One such concern that has recently surfaced is as scam email from someone pretending to be the…

Through hard work, dedication, and a team of expert staff, Pherrus has become one of the leading financial services companies in Sydney. Sometimes it’s good to give back to the community, though. Thanks to our success, we’re happily in a position where we can use our resources to help others. Recently, we’ve given to a variety of causes that mean something to us; including Cancer Council Australia, Westmead Children’s Hospital, and Sydney City Children’s Hospital. However, it’s not just the children of Australia who need assistance. We’ve also reached out to children in Fiji, with donations that have been kindly received. 

Not everyone in the world is as fortunate as us, and it’s important that we remember to help people in need around the world, if we have the means to. The Pherrus Foundation was set up with this aim in mind, and this is the vessel through which the accountant Sydney team here at Pherrus Financial Services donates to a variety of causes we feel are worthy. Managing Partner Kris Prasad aims to create a cycle of giving; and with these donations we hope that others will also contribute, and help improve people’s lives.

The most recent of these donations was to Suva Orphanages in Fiji, as part of our ‘Santa to Suva’ initiative, and amounted to five thousand dollars plus additional goods and clothes that were gratefully received in time for Christmas. We hope that this will prove to be invaluable in improving the welfare and wellbeing of these individuals. Through this donation, vulnerable children in Suva will be given access to a safe and secure location, and be protected from poverty, violence, and abuse, as well as enjoying a particularly special holiday celebration.

Aid is desperately needed in Suva, as well as the rest of Fiji. Over 250 000 people on the island live in poverty, while youth unemployment and health care concerns are also a particular problem. While the island might be seen as a luxurious getaway, once you dig down a little deeper you’ll realise that there are many things that need to be addressed.

Monetary donations aren’t the only way Pherrus seeks to give back. The foundation has also sent clothing and other goods to the children at the end of each financial and calendar year. While we might take for granted the gifts we receive at Christmas, it means so much more to people who aren’t used to such things, and will appreciate them so much more. Sharing gifts at the orphanage can help to remind the children that they don’t have to deal with things alone, and that people all over the world care about them.

Overall, while this is an issue that is close to Kris’s heart, all of the team at Pherrus are encouraged to help if they’d like to. If we want to improve society then it’s of paramount importance that those who have the ability to help do so; to improve the lives of others who don’t have the means to do so for themselves.

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We’re always on the ball here at Pherrus Financial Services our accountants in Sydney, and dedicated to making life easier for our clients with our customary speed and expertise. Occasionally, though, we’re at the mercy of factors outside our control, just as you might be. One such example of this is recent events relating to…


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